TwentyTwo Security



An design assessment provides insights into the security of a device using design documentation. An on-site visit may be required in order to digest the design documentation effectively. The output can be used to improve the security of a device even before it hits the field.


An implementation assessment provides insights into the security of a product using e.g. source code or the device itself. The output includes, among others, description of the approach taken, description of identified vulnerabilities and recommendations to improve the device.


A security workshop (on-site or online) provides a unique hands-on experience where the attendees get exposed to various topics important for hardening embedded devices. It is an effective approach for sharing the output from a design assessment or implementation assessment.

About & Contact

Niek Timmers

Device Security Expert | Freelance

We provide support for developing, analyzing and testing the security of embedded devices. We are experienced with devices used by various industries such as Automotive, Mobile, Payment, Pay TV and Smart Grid. Support can be provided from an early start during the design phase of the device up to and including the finalized device.

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